Welcome to SunnyRises

Welcome to SunnyRises!

My name is Anh and I am a crazy cat lady residing in Toronto, Canada.

I have always wanted to share my food adventures and beauty experiences with everyone through blogging. If you look at my Instagram, there are TONS of food pictures (obviously) but I always wanted to do more than just sharing pictures. So hopefully with my food/restaurant reviews, I can help you indecisive people when you don’t know where to eat, and whether you should try this particular restaurant or not. In addition, I am a beauty junkie. I have spent a lot of time and money purchasing products that will improve my skin condition. I hope this blog will help you to shop wisely, and splurge when the product merits such praise/money.

With that said, this blog will have other contents as well. I’m also in the process of improving the layout of this blog, as I want it to be simple and easy on the eyes. I would love to receive feedbacks from you guys! They can be anything, from my grammar (as I’m ESL lol) to the blog layout. I would greatly appreciate it!

I will try to update this blog as frequent as possible. For the latest updates, please follow me on Instagram + Twitter @anhet_ :).


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