[Dessert] Delysees Bakery

Restaurant: Delysèes 
Location: 780 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1C9
Price Range: $$
Overall: 3.5/5

Hi everyone! Sorry for the hiatus. During the past 2 months I tried several new restaurants and I took a lot of pictures for blogging. However I keep forgetting to take pictures of the interior or menu of the restaurant (fail lol), hence I couldn’t do a proper blog post. I promise I will blog more often from now on and have different variety of restaurants, not just dessert places..

Inside Delysees

Inside Delysees

This time I visited Delysees – a modern and authentic French Bakery located on King Street West. First of all, I have to mention this place is beautiful! It’s a lovely space with clean lines and glossy whites everywhere. The inside is spacious and I believe the glass wall at the back is the entrance to their kitchen? The glass counters showcases the sandwiches and salad, ranged from $5-10. Unfortunately by the time I visited it was almost dinner so I didn’t want to try any, I will try some next time!

Drink Menu

Drink Menu

The drink menu is decently priced. I will definitely try something on my next visit.

Tiny pastries

Tiny pastries

These pastries are so PRETTY. To be honest every time I see dainty pastries like these, I can’t help but wanting to preserve them forever since they are too pretty to eat (lol). These pastries are quite pricey as they are approximately $5-8/each. I would get either the Lemon Meringue or Passion Fruit Mouse on my next visit (or just go broke and order both :p).


Éclair – $4.50

These Éclair were what attracted me toward this place. These aren’t the traditional Éclair with icing on top, they have different toppings and I believe different fillings as well? Correct me if I’m wrong. I had a hard time choosing but ended up with the Champagne (Gold) Éclair as the lady at the counter told me it is one of the most popular choices.

Inside Champagne Éclair

Champagne Éclair – $4.50

I have no idea how they got the gold foil on the Éclair, but it was the most beautiful pastry I’ve ever eaten. Taste-wise it was okay. I’m not sure if I was supposed to taste Champagne in the Éclair? It tasted like a normal Éclair with chocolate-flavored cream filling inside. I’m thinking of trying either the Pistachio or Green Apple on my next visit and reserve my judgement until then!



One simply does not walk away from a Parisian bakery without taking picture of the Macarons. Period.

Half Dozen Macarons - $13.50

Half Dozen Macarons – $13.50

These macarons were priced at $2.25 each and I got a box of half dozen for $13.50. *Question: Does anyone keep their macaron boxes? I have a collection of macaron boxes from Moroco, Butter Avenue, Delysee and Ladurée LOL. Maybe one day I will take a picture of my collection :P

From Left to Right - Wildflower; Apricot Black tea; Lime Basil; Roasted Pistachio; Praline Crunch (not pictured).

From Left to Right – Wildflower; Apricot Black tea; Lime Basil; (I can’t recall this flavor); Roasted Pistachio; Praline Crunch (not pictured).

These macarons had a light fluffy crunch on the outside, but were slightly chewy on the inside (how I like the texture of my macarons). Although they aren’t overly sweet as other bakeries, these flavors were not as intense as I wanted. I couldn’t differentiate between these macarons, except for the Roasted Pistachio and Lime Basil. The lime basil macaron had a sweet lime flavor which was nicely complimented by a mild basil aftertaste. The Roasted Pistachio had a nutty-flavored ganache and was the right amount of sweetness.

While my experience wasn’t as expected, I would definitely come back and give it another try, it’s just not a place I’d rush back to. However, I would recommend you guys to try the Éclair and pastries – apparently, I heard their croissants and apple turnover are delicious!

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